Centralina WDB Adult Customer Receives Full-Time Employment After Training Opportunity!
North Carolina Manufacturing Institute Graduates 100th Success Story

Centralina NEXGEN Young Adult Takes on the Air Force with the Help of I-CARE, INC.

FB_IMG_14844038265531Montre Shuler, a 20 year old Centralina NEXGEN young adult customer from I-CARE, Inc., entered into the program in August 2016.  He was a high school graduate with no direction after receiving his diploma in 2015.  Most of his life was spent in a single parent home with his mother who eventually married when he was 14 years old.  He never had a relationship with his biological father but did establish a good relationship with his step-father who he refers to as his dad who also accompanied him to I-CARE, Inc. in Statesville, NC.  His step-father was well familiar with the services provided and thought it would be a great idea to help his son join the program.  

Shuler had always dreamed of becoming a pilot or working around jets and aircrafts, however, he lacked self-confidence to actually enlist in the armed forces.  He had been considering the idea of the military for a long time but had little support and knowledge of how to get there.  After coming to the Centralina NEXGEN program, he completed career assessments, work readiness sessions, and discussed the possibility of enlistment in the Air Force with Selena Feimster, I-CARE Career Development Specialist.  Feimster, challenged him to begin studying for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam and checked out prep material from the Iredell Public library to assist.    

"I arranged a meeting with him and an Air Force recruiter and also set up the test date for his ASVAB military assessment," Feimster said. 

Later, a home visit was arranged where Shuler was administered the exam.  After successful completion, Shuler was able to pre-enlist and began weekly physical trainings in Winston-Salem, NC where transportation was provided by the NEXGEN services.  In the meantime, Shuler attended leadership sessions as well as soft skills training.  

Shuler was successful in passing his test and was provided transportation to his swearing ceremony at UNC-Greensboro and received orders to report. 

On November 20, 2016, Shuler reported to San Antonio, TX at Lackland Air Force Base to begin basic training.  The basic training was successfully completed and had his graduation ceremony on January 12, 2017.  The Centralina Workforce Development Board is proud of he success of Montre Shuler and all the young adults using Centralina NEXGEN Services. 

For more information about Centralina NEXGEN Services contact Solomon McAuley, Centralina NEXGEN Specialist at smcauley@centralina.org or visit www.centralinaworks.com.   


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