Centralina WDB NEXGEN Customer Goes from Homelessness to Employed
Centralina Workforce Development Board Prepares for the 'War for Talent'

Centralina NEXGEN Customer Dennis Jenkins Reaches Lifelong Dream of Becoming an Electrical Lineman

Dennis Jenkins relocated from California seeking opportunities previously denied due to a lack of experience and the extremely high tuition cost to enroll in Electrical Lineman training. Shortly after the transition to North Carolina, Dennis was involved in a car accident that resulted in short-term disability. After the medical release, Dennis enrolled and received Electrical Lineman and Flagger certification from Forsyth Technical Community College in November 2016. Though Dennis was certified, he continued to experience setbacks with gaining employment. He enrolled in Centralina WDB funded WIOA NEXGEN services through I Care. Inc. in Statesville in January 2017 with a goal to build skills to gain employment in his chosen career pathway. Dennis utilized WIOA funding to enroll and completed Commercial Driver's License (CDL) training at TransTech, Inc., which helped him gain full-time employment as an Electrical Lineman on March 23, 2017.

Dennis Jenkins enrolled in WIOA NEXGEN services for an opportunity to improve career skills to gain employment as an Electrical Lineman. Dennis completed the Electrical Lineman certification at Forsyth Technical College, but continued to experience barriers to employment. He attended soft skills sessions and also enrolled in TransTech, Inc. CDL training in February 2017 to become more attractive to employers. Confident in his efforts, Dennis applied for several employment openings, and eventually drew the attention of InfraTech Corporation. An Electrical Lineman position was offered contingent upon the attainment of a CDL. On March 22, 2017, Dennis received a Class A CDL. Overwhelmed with joy, Dennis started working full-time with InfraTech Corporation on March 23, 2017.

Dennis Jenkins is currently employed full-time at InfraTech Corporation, as an Electrical Lineman earning $18.00 a hour. InfraTech Corporation plans to enroll Dennis in an Apprenticeship program for additional training and credentials.

Despite all the barriers he endured in California and the accident he encountered in North Carolina which caused him to be medically disabled for a short time, he still pressed through without giving up until he got to his desired goal. 

The Centralina Workforce Development Board is super proud of Dennis and his accomplishments.    For more information regarding Centralina NEXGEN services contact, Solomon McAuley, Centralina WDB's NEXGEN Specialist at smcauley@centralina.org or visit www.centralinaworks.com.


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