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Governor's Awards for Excellence in Workforce Development for Stanly County and Centralina WDB -- AGAIN!!!

Two local businesses in the Centralina Workforce Development Board region were recognized by North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory in October as winners of the Governor's Award for Excellence in Workforce Development - Innovative Partnership. The Board would like to congratulate the winners and recognize them.

Carnes Miller Gear located in Locust (Stanly County) was the recipient of the 2013 Governor's Award for Excellence in Workforce Development, Innovative Partnership. Carnes Miller Gear (CMG) reached out to Stanly Community College (SCC) and their Economic Development Division when they launched their new CNC Machinist Certificate program in August 2012. The announcement of this new program triggered a request from a local company to conduct a customized version of the CNC Machinist Certificate program for six of their employees in the machinist department. The training was so successful, they have requested SCC to conduct another customized version of the training on other pieces of equipment in their machine shop. Of the original ten students, one student found a job at the end of the first semester, two students dropped, and seven successfully passed the program. Two students were hired by CMG in May, and three companies have requested resumes from all the remaining students.

PowerStream Industries (PSI), located in Locust, was also recognized at the awards ceremony since PSI allowed employees to be instructors for the Alternative Machining Techniques training and allowed students to job shadow, observe employees, and receive overview information on the alternative machining equipment used at PSI. A total of 10 seats were available for this new certificate program and all seats were filled within three weeks of open registration with a waiting list of over 20 students wanting to enter the program. Classes began on August 13, 2012 and ended on May 3, 2013 with seven students successfully completing the program.

This makes the fifth year in a row that a company from Stanly County has been a recipient of the Governor's Award. The Governor's Award for Outstanding Business was presented in 2009 to Storm Technologies, in 2010 Preformed Line Products won, in 2011 Infastech Avdel USA, LLC won, in 2012 Michelin won, and now in 2013, Carnes Miller Gear and PowerStream Industries have received the prestigious Innovative Partnership award.

Carnes Miller Gear and PowerStream Industries were nominated for this award by Stanly Community College and the Centralina Workforce Development Board.

Representatives from each company were on hand to receive the award on Thursday October 17, 2013 at the awards banquet held in Greensboro during the NC Workforce Development Partnership Conference. Accepting the award was Dan Tweed, Jr., Carnes-Miller Gear CEO and former Centralina WDB member, Chris Meurette, President of Power Stream Industries, Inc., and Dr. Brenda Kays, President of Stanly Community College.

Other attendees at the banquet included several representatives from each of the companies that received awards and representatives from the Centralina Workforce Development Board, Stanly Community College, Stanly County Economic Development Corporation, Stanly County Commissioners, and the Town of Locust.

Regarding the awards, Governor McCrory noted that businesses and individuals are being recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions in helping North Carolina achieve its workforce development goals.

"I congratulate these award recipients for their determination, innovation and commitment to helping make our employees the nation's best," said Governor McCrory. "Our highly skilled workforce is leading our economic recovery."

The Centralina WDB is extremely proud to have the winners of the 2013 Governor's Award in its region! For more information on these awards or the Centralina Workforce Development Board, please contact David Hollars at (704) 348-2717 or by e-mail at

Photo above: Representatives from Carnes Miller Gear, PowerStream Industries, Stanly Community College, Stanly Economic Development and Centralina Workforce Development Board were on hand to see Carnes Miller Gear and PowerStream Industries win the 2013 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Workforce Development for an Innovative Partnership.


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