Centralina WDB Business Services Coordinator Leads Best Practice Webinar on Preparing the Automotive Workforce for Today's Industry Demands
It's Upon Us, It's Here, WIOA is in Full Gear!

Centralina WDB Executive Director Participates in National Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Webinar on Preparing Strategic Boards for the New Implementation

Act Now Series: Building Strategic Boards, WIOA Governance and Leadership

David Hollars

In efforts to better align the workforce system and provide high quality service to employers and the workforce, the implementation of WIOA is now in full effect. WIOA will continue the trend in workforce by further engaging the private sector to lead workforce development efforts for regions across the globe.

With this in mind, the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration hosted a WIOA Act Now Webinar series on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015. David Hollars, Centralina Workforce Development Board's Executive Director, participated as one of the panelist for the event.

The event brought together federal agencies with state and local practitioners to share WIOA implementation strategies and to push Boards to become system builders and regional backbones for talent development. The webinar was made readily available for 1,000 state and local workforce leaders. The webinar highlighted and answered many questions.

  • How do we ensure Boards are driven by business needs and also meet all WIOA requirements when those two are not always compatible?
  • How are Boards leading the charge to address the challenges of individuals with barriers to employment, including persons with disabilities, public assistance recipients and the reentry population, and out of school youth?
  • Are there any changes with the introduction of new required partners and are there opportunities to refocus or re-energize previous efforts?

The panel featured two local board executive directors and a state director for Education and Workforce. In addition to Centralina WDB's David Hollars, panelist included Joe Barela, Senior Advisor for the Employment and Training Administration-U.S. DOL, Kathy Tran, Deputy Administrator for the Office of Workforce Investment at the Employment and Training Administration for the U.S. Department of Labor. Kristina Payne, Executive Director for Lane Workforce Partnership in Eugene, OR and Beth Brinly, Deputy Secretary of the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.

Each panelist briefly described their local and state perspective including demographics, the unemployment rate and program priorities. Later participants were able to ask the panelist questions to gain assistance and insight into career center operations, strategic plans, their career pathways, talent development, and sector strategy initiatives.

Hollars talked about how the Centralina Workforce Development Board prepared for WIOA, the opportunities and the challenges in the legistration, changes in operations, service delivery, and outcomes.

"The changes to our Centralina Career Headlight tool is benefitting everyone in career guidance," Hollars said. "It takes a national and state labor market information and localizes the date for use in our community. Having this localized is important, there may be growth in an occupation at the state level but it's important to see what the growth potential is at the local level."

Guest were able to listen in live on the national webinar at http://mahernet.adobeconnect.com/r47qurmr8ob/. Overall, the WIOA Act Now webinar provided critical information for workforce boards and helped everyone better understand the new WIOA implementation.

The Centralina Workforce Development Board is pleased to have participated during the live broadcasted event. For more information concerning the WIOA Act Now Webinar, contact David Hollars, Centralina Workforce Development Board, Executive Director at dhollars@centralina.org.


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