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Success Story - ProEdge Precision, LLC

Success Story - STP Ventures, LLC

STP Ventures, LLC was formed in 2009 with the goal of providing superior IT services to businesses at an affordable price. Although the company experienced steady growth and developed relationships with more and more sophisticated clients, it faced challenges in finding budget to provide employees with training that would allow them to provide additional services their customers needed and grow revenue.

Success_stp_ventruesIn order to meet customer demands and be more market responsive, the company applied to the Centralina Workforce Development Board (Centralina WDB) for training assistance through the NCWorks Incumbent Worker Training Grant program.

STP Ventures sought to upgrade technical skills for two of their employees by giving them training needed to acquire an internationally-recognized industry certification. These valuable technical skills would allow the company to market new services to potential clients.

“The training allowed us to increase our employees’ knowledge, which in turn increased our comfort and confidence working with larger business,” said Patrick Wright, Managing Partner of STP Ventures, LLC.  “Since the training we have expanded into a new vertical targeting larger companies than our client base prior to the training.”

The company was awarded grant funds for training two employees in five components of CISCO Network Devices as well as how to troubleshoot and maintain Cisco IP networks. Today, STP Ventures has been able to leverage additional capability into a new line of service. The company recently landed the largest contract in the history of the company and is excited about the potential to gain additional business.

Considering the constant changes in the computer technology field, the company wanted to fill its skills gap and increase its ability to be competitive in the industry.   It is now able to offer clients the most up to date service because of the partnership with the Centralina WDB.  The next steps for the company is to market the new capabilities gained through the NCWorks Incumbent Worker Training Grant and grow their revenue stream by being a more diversified company.

“We were very pleased with the assistance from the Centralina WDB in educating us on what was available,” Wright said.  “We appreciated in-person meetings and availability of staff which many other programs did not offer this.”


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