New Cabarrus County Career Center Opens for Business
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Alex Devreaux's Life Changed in Just Three Days after Visiting the New Location of the NCWorks Career Center-Cabarrus

  "I wanted to try and get a job fast and apply myself and I was able to do that here. It was really NCWorks here that helped me get a job," said Alexander Devreaux a faithful job seeker at the NCWorks Career Center-Cabarrus who recently landed a career at Convergys. 
This was not his story three months ago.  In fact, for the last three months Devreaux faithfully made it his mission to visit the NCWorks Career Center-Cabarrus three to four times a week after being laid off from BB&T in Charlotte.  After being employed with the company for four years, he was suddenly without work for six months of his life. 
Prior to his employment at BB&T he was a long-time resident of Louisville, Kentucky and came to the Carolinas for a fresh start.  Upon his arrival, he was unaware of the NCWorks Career Centers powered by Centralina.  One day after consulting with his friends, he discovered the endless services offered at the NCWorks Career Centers in the area and decided to visit the NCWorks Career Center in Cabarrus County.  Devreaux started out visiting the old location at the NCWorks Career Center-Cabarrus and continued visitation when the Center relocated to its new venue.   
  "The staff was always welcoming and that hasn't changed since Day 1," Devreaux said.  "When you come in here, they talk to you, they treat you like a person, they listen to you, and at the same time they give you feedback and help.  It's not like you come in here and nothing happens." 
This proved to be very true.  While Devreaux could have given up during the relocation phase of the Center, he remained steadfast and push even harder to fully utilize the services offered by the NCWorks Career Center-Cabarrus.  Within the first week of the NCWorks Career Center-Cabarrus being opened, an unforeseen door opened for Devreaux.  Deverax
"One day while filling out applications on a computer, I ran into Gary Mason, the new Center Leader here and he said he knew of a few people who were looking for new hires and he was able to call someone that same week and I was able to get an interview shortly afterwards," Devreaux said.
In the past, Devreaux waited months to hear back from employers but this happened in the course of three days. 
"This happened so fast.  The same week I talked to Mr. Mason, he got the interview lined up for me and I got hired on the spot," Devreaux said.  "At first I thought this was too good to be true but this was all a blessing in disguise."
Today, he's enjoying his third week at Convergys handling accounts dealing with clients who have questions about their insurance policies.
When asked how he felt about the entire process he stated this, "There were many nights I wouldn't go to bed until four o'clock in the morning just because I had a hard time going to sleep thinking about employment but when Mr. Mason actually took time out of his day to come and talk to me, my life changed and that's when the door finally opened."  

If you're interested in discovering your life changing moment and future career, contact Gary Mason, Center Leader for the NCWorks Career Center-Cabarrus at


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