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Business U, Inc., leads Centralina WDB Business Engagement Boot Camp
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From L to R: Celina Shands Gradijan, Co-Founder of Business U, Inc., Vail Carter, Business Coordinator for the Centralina WDB, Christine Bosworth, Co-Founder of Business U, Inc., and David Hollars, Executive Director for the Centralina WDB.
In today's society, companies spend an incredible amount of time in contention with one another, for services, clients, publicity gain, and much more.  Think about it, the business world could be much stronger if organizations began engaging with one another to develop a healthier labor force.
With this in mind, David Hollars, Executive Director for the Centralina Workforce Development Board thought of the brilliant idea of bringing a strategic learning event for the Centralina WDB partners and business leaders.  A while ago, he discovered Business U, Inc., a national training corporation who has a great track record of building the workforce, education, and economic development organizations across the globe.  In efforts to building a comprehensive workforce system for employers regionally, the Centralina Workforce Development  
Celina Shands Gradijan, Co-Founder of Business U, Inc. speaking to business leaders in the Centralina region at the Business Engagement Boot Camp.
Board brought Business U, Inc., co-founded by, Celina Shands Gradijan and Christine Bosworthto the Centralina region.  The strategic learning event, also referred as Centralina WDB Business Engagement Boot Camp was offered on Tuesday, September 22nd and Thursday, September 24th, 2015 at the Union County Chamber of Commerce and the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis for over 50 individuals. 
The highly interactive event showcased models, frameworks and best practices to engage, grow, and retain businesses in the region.  The learning event provided workforce and education professionals, economic development agencies, staff from Centralina Workforce Services, community colleges, Vocational Rehabilitation, Goodwill Industries, chambers of commerce, and a host of other partners the opportunities to participate in a customer-centric and collaborative framework. 
"This event was beyond my expectations.  The delivery of the material was concise and to the point, and it was refreshing to hear that workforce intelligence is changing to include the employer prospective," said Sylvia Jones, Center Leader at the NCWorks Career Center-Mooresville
Celina Shands Gradijan and Solomon McAuley, Centralina WDB's Youth Specialist role playing during the Business Boot Camp event.
  The partners were very unified working in groups for much of the day and participated in a skit as if they were out in the field speaking with an employer.  During the course of the day, the attendees were also provided with informational toolkits, training materials, and a host of informative topics. 
Some of the Strategic Learning topics were:
  • Identifying a regional network of assets to support and grow business and industry
  • Implementing a Business Engagement Plan to support individual organizations and a collective regional network of business-facing organizations
  • Long-term relationship building strategies for improving business engagement
  • Establishing the right idea sets for business engagement and regional services
  • Branding and packaging regional assets to grow and retain businesses
  • Best practices from the region in business engagement
  • Establishing a vision for collaborative business outreach, growth, and retention
"Through my attendance at the Business U Boot Camp, I was able to learn how to more effectively communicate with employers to establish and enhance a Trusted Advisor relationship with them," said Kerry Motley, Business Services Team representative from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
Throughout the event on both days, all guest were fully engaged and interacting with each other.  All attendance will continue the practices through an online tool called, eUniversity. 
"I hope what we discussed will allow us to connect and share in ways that we have not been able to do in the past to serve our common clients in a more effective and timely manner, while eliminating duplication of services and multiple contacts with employers," Motley said.  
It is evident that agencies have operated competitively for many years.  With this new model presented in the Centralina region, it will change the mindsets of all individuals in the workforce world and create a collaborative movement while maximizing business engagement which will in turn allow North Carolina businesses to grow together. 
For more information regarding the Centralina WDB Business Engagement Boot Camp, contact David Hollars, Executive Director of Centralina WDB at dhollars@centralina.org.
To learn more about Business U, Inc. visit www.Business-U.net. 




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