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Centralina WDB Staff Provides Message of Success for Anson High School Youth Career Connect (YCC) Academy Students


Over 165 electrified students filled the gymnasium bleachers of Anson High School on Friday, January 8, 2016.    After enjoying a long holiday break, leaders at Anson High thought it would be a great idea to have a motivational speaker energize the students apart of the Youth Career Connect (YCC) Academy prior to taking the North Carolina finals and end of course exams.  With this in mind, Rusty Baldwin, Career Development Coordinator at YCC thought of Solomon McAuley, Centralina WDB Youth Specialist whom he met at a meeting earlier in the year while speaking to a YCC class.  Baldwin was highly impressed with McAuley's enthusiasm, wisdom, confident but humble demeanor and felt he would be the perfect speaker for the students at YCC. 
During McAuley's speech, students express how drawn and engaged they were during his presentation. 
"The message I really wanted to leave with them is with every decision comes consequences," McAuley said.  "I wanted them to know it's important to develop the true leadership inside of them.  I also wanted them to know that success looks different for everyone and it's important to know in life your values does not change but your challenges do, but only to develop character," he added.
Students in the YCC program within Anson High School are students who apply to participate.  The students then select a career pathway that provides relevance, college credit, career exposure, internships, along with testing and earning industry credentials in their selected pathways. McAuley talked to the students about being serious about their goals in life and to work hard and have fun later. 
"He was awesome and very well received by students and teachers," Baldwin said.  "His message of taking on responsibilities in life with a serious attitude was on target and exactly what students needed to hear."
As the speech came to an end, every student in the Anson High School gymnasium uttered an encouraging chant led by McAuley, which left the students feeling they can take on anything that comes their way if they keep the right attitude.
"Mr. McAuley managed to touch the minds, souls, and hearts of the students of YCC," Baldwin said. "Mr. McAuley truly impacted each child through the power of his words and the next week, the students did very well on their exams and it's simply because of the power of positivity."
The Centralina Workforce Development Board and the NEXGEN Council are both proud of all of the students of the YCC Academy.  The Board and the NEXGEN Council are grateful for the partnership and hard work of all the staff at Anson High School and the YCC.  For more information regarding the NEXGEN Council, contact Solomon McAuley, at smcauley@centralina.org or 704-348-2725 or visit www.centralinaworks.com for the link to NEXGEN services and partnerships in the region.


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