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"If I could put my experience with you all in one word, it would be genuine.  In fact, what I liked about Centralina Workforce Services is that you guys didn't want anything but the opportunity. You guys were looking for opportunity to bring people to us, and to get people to work," that's what Terry Grubbs, Human Resources and Safety Coordinator at Americhem, Inc. facility in Concord (Cabarrus County) had to say about Centralina Workforce Services
Americhem Inc., a company who specializes in colorization and color matching has been around for nearly 70 years.  The company is known for taking patches of pigment flour which turns into color pellets and later into strands of yarn for carpets seen in millions of homes across the country.  In fact, there's no carpet in your house today that hasn't been affiliated with Americhem, Inc.  With a total of 130 workers at the Concord plant, seven plants in the U.S., and locations in England, China, and Mexico City, the company is always expanding their territory and their search for skilled workers.
Terry Grubbs, Human Resources and Safety Coordinator at Americhem, Inc. 
Grubbs who has only been with the company for 15 months, moved from Connecticut to North Carolina three years ago to continue his human resource career.  After working with another company in North Carolina, he decided to work closer to family and began working with Americhem, Inc., which led him to connecting with Centralina Workforce Services.
"I got connected through Denisha Torrence, Centralina Workforce Services Employer Services Consultant," he said.  "I've been working in human resources for 15 years and I was very familiar with North Carolina's Workforce Development System and NCWorks.  Being in human resources, one of my first initiatives when coming here, was to partner us with the local workforce board," said Grubbs.   
When Grubbs first arrived at Americhem Inc., he discovered that his predecessor reached out to the Centralina Workforce Development Board regarding its On-the-Job (OJT) Program, however, they never followed through with it. 
"I was able to pick up where they left off," Grubbs said.  "I was looking for a partnership and Denisha and the Centralina Workforce Services was there. I just had to convince everyone else that this was a good program.  I got the corporate team buy in and they told me to run with it and make this work.  Here we are today, it's been working for us." 
To date, the company has hired 3 individuals through Centralina WDB's OJT services. In fact, while interviewing, Mr. Grubbs stated that he hired one candidate just hours before the interview. 
During the process, the Centralina Workforce Services team, met with the company on many occasions not only for the OJT process but also for other services as well. 
"Denisha provided me with market search information.  Through her research and help, I was able to raise and increase the wages of all employees here which hadn't been done in 25 years," Grubbs said.
He continued on to say that the Centralina Workforce Services was a star in his eyes.  He also stated that the work ethic and desire was there during the entire process. 
"One thing that I admire is that they have genuine investment in their applicants.  With the help of Centralina Workforce Services and with my recruiting ability, it was just a win-win situation," said Grubbs. 
At the conclusion of the interview, with a large smile on his face, he ends by adding that the senior leadership team at Americhem Inc., ask when they'll be hiring more OJT candidates from the Centralina WDB and its Centralina Workforce Services.
For more information, visit www.centralinaworks.com for the link to the 8 NCWorks Career Centers in the Centralina WDB region.


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