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“I only came into the NCWorks Career Center-Mooresville, one time.  The same day I came in, my resume was redone and I got the job immediately after fixing it.” 

This is what Ashley Durant, an Iredell County resident and mother of three had to say about her one-time experience receiving assistance at the NCWorks Career Center-Mooresville.  Days after turning in her resume, she received employment at Rainier Industries in Statesville as a Customer Service and Sales Representative.   

Mooresville job seeker-Ashley DurantPrior to her short-term of unemployment, Durant was at her previous employer (Cardinal Glass) for almost nine years as a production technician. It was an emotional change for her, however, it was best for her family due to the long hours working overnight and weekend shifts.   

“I was sad about leaving my job but my husband was really sad about me working the overnights shifts which was too much on my family,” she said. “It was a very hard choice because I loved the company but it was me deciding between my family or my job,” Durant added. 

She had the urgent desire to find a day job that would complement her husband’s schedule.  In fact, when she would leave for work her husband would just arrive home which resulted to small amounts of family quality time.  Durant heard about the NCWorks Career Center-Mooresville from a friend who said the staff would be able to assist her in gaining more desirable employment.  When she arrived at the NCWorks Career Center-Mooresville, she began working with Revonda Anderson, Talent Engagement Specialist at the NCWorks Career Center-Mooresville.

“I was greeted by Revonda and she immediately took me under her wing.  The day I came in, I was emotional and teary eyed, however, she was very compassionate and positive which made me feel comfortable,” Durant said.

When Durant came to the Career Center, she told Anderson that she had one job interview since she was laid-off but unfortunately, she didn’t land the job which was why she came to the NCWorks Career Center-Mooresville. Anderson then looked over her resume and retweeted the whole thing. 

“She said maybe if I could tweak the resume around then I will have better luck in my next job interview,” Durant said.  “She not only fixed my resume but she showed me ways I could get on at other jobs along with the proper steps to follow during my search,” she added. 

Durant didn’t know how to really look for a job since she was 18 years old when she started her first real job.  Since she worked at the same place for almost 9 years, she never really had to look for one until her recent unemployment phase.

“I was 18 years old when I got hired at Cardinal Glass.  I was there for almost nine years so my whole employment experience was at a factory.  I did work at McDonalds for almost 3 years prior to that but Cardinal was all I knew,” Durant said. “I only had two jobs my entire life and I got at Cardinal because my dad works there. So, this was the first time I was on my own being a freelance finding my own job and applying.  I didn’t know what I was doing and came here for help and direction.”

Today, she is very grateful for the assistance she received at the NCWorks Career Center-Mooresville.  Durant left her old place of employment on June 30, 2017 and began working at Rainier Industries on July 20, 2017.  She was unemployed for nearly three weeks and it took her one day to turn her unemployment state around.  Now she is working full-time with full benefits from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. 

“My overall experience here was awesome,” Durant said.  “I was feeling really down and out the day I came in and Revonda and staff took me in and showed me things can turn positive and that’s what happened in my case.  I felt comfortable with the staff that after one time of getting assistance I can call them and tell them how they’ve impacted my life in that one day and now I’m a cat with a lot of lives because I was given a second chance.”

To find out how the NCWorks Career Centers in the Centralina WDB region can help you find a career or help your business grow, visit  


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