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Centralina NEXTGEN Services Coming to You in Stanly County!

Youth and young adult customers can always receive services at local NCWorks Career Centers. But now, Centralina NEXTGEN Services are being made available at other locations throughout the region.  NEXTGEN Career Development Specialist Jane Balfrey has pursued opportunities to bring NEXTGEN Services out of the office and into the communities in Stanly County. Community outreach is especially critical for NEXTGEN Services in rural counties. This idea evolved to be in touch with more Centralina NEXTGEN customers between the ages of 16 to 24 years old. 

Stanly Co. LibraryThe first successful co-location opportunity has been in place since September 2017 at the Albemarle Branch of the Stanly County Library each week on Wednesday afternoons from 2:00pm-4:00pm. 

Balfrey is also on campus at Stanly Community College Crutchfield Campus in Locust, on Friday mornings from 9:00 am-12 noon. Co-location at Crutchfield was coordinated with Dr. Tammy Crump, Associate Vice President of the School of Health & Public Services to help serve the Locust area and surrounding communities.

Additional services are offered on the West Main Campus of Stanly Community College on designated Mondays for Adult High School orientation. Balfrey speaks to the students who have enrolled in high school or GED studies, sharing information on NCWorks Services, job search assistance, and the WIOA funding opportunities for NEXTGEN and Adult customers for students interested in career options beyond high school.

At least one more co-location opportunity is under consideration during early 2018.  The NEXTGEN Services staff are continuing to seek ways to make the NCWorks Career Center and NEXTGEN Services more visible and accessible to the residents of Stanly County.

To have Centralina NEXTGEN or NCWorks Career Center Services at your location, please contact Ken McCoy, Centralina Workforce Services Project Director at kenneth.mccoy@rescare.com.  


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