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Centralina WDB Communications Specialist Leaves to Pursue New Career

“The decision to leave Centralina WDB has not been easy, but I have decided this will be in the best interest for my career and future development,” This is what Asia Wilson, Centralina Workforce Development Board Communications Specialist expressed in a recent statement on December 19, 2017 announcing her departure with the organization effective January 9, 2018.

Wilson joined Centralina WDB on February 9, 2015 and almost three years later, she will start her life-long goal as a television reporter at WALB News 10, an ABC and NBC affiliate in Albany, Georgia. 

“Working with Centralina WDB for the past three years has prepared me for this transition,” Wilson said.  “A lot of the skills are transferrable, and I will be able to capitalize on them more, thanks to my experience with this organization.”

Since Wilson has worked with Centralina WDB, a lot of change and implementation has happened with her short time here.  Over the past three years, under her leadership, Centralina WDB has been featured with local news outlets, the Centralina WDB e-newsletter has updated and revised three times to better reflect the wants of the readership, she designed a new look and logo for Centralina NEXGEN (which later became the state young adult brand with a “T” added for NEXTGEN), and written numerous success stories that have been on the desk of the Governor, one of which won the NCWorks Governor Award in the Adult Category in 2017.  She worked with a graphic design team to redesign and revamp the entire Centralina WDB website (www.centralinaworks.com) which later won the Davey Award for its interactive partner map.  The award was a national recognized award judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts with Who’s Who acclaimed media and advertising firms like Disney, MTV, and Yahoo. 

Wilson has bought new technology to the organization creating videos, social media sites, regional marketing guidelines, implementing digital displays and outside signage at all NCWorks Career Centers, and worked extensively with the North Carolina Manufacturing Institute (NCMI) managing the website (www.ncmanufacturinginstitute.com) in addition to communications, and media efforts. 

“I’m so grateful for all of my experiences and duties I held with this organization,” Wilson said. “I’ve enjoyed every opportunity, every conversation, and every individual I’ve worked with throughout the region.  I will carry all of my memories with Centralina WDB with me for the rest of my life.”

The Centralina WDB and the entire region are excited for Asia Wilson’s new adventure.  We are glad she joined the team and helped the Centralina WDB grow throughout the years and wish her the best in her future endeavor.  To stay in touch or to say congratulations, feel free to reach out to her at asia.wilson01@yahoo.com


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